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Nick's award  / DAD   Read >>
Nick's award  / DAD
Last Friday Nick won the “Hero of Hope Award.” It was awarded to him through me based on his everlasting inspiration to help all people because of Nick’s law and what he was killed for. It won’t bring Nick back but does leave an ever lasting legacy in his name. Thank you Sister Connie Taylor. Close
came upon nicks site  / Michelle Cox (none)  Read >>
came upon nicks site  / Michelle Cox (none)
So sorry for your loss what a great lookin kid! Life changes in an instant keep his memory alive RIP nick Close
Happy Birthday Nick  / Mike T. (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Nick  / Mike T. (Friend)
Happy birthday Nick! I love you man wish you were here with us but I know you're in a better place. Close
The LOVE OF OF A Fathers SON, MY NICHOLAS  / DAD (Father)  Read >>
The LOVE OF OF A Fathers SON, MY NICHOLAS  / DAD (Father)

My Dear Nicholas

As everyday goes by I love you more and more. I also miss you more and more everyday. The pain of losing you gets worse by the day. You know you have a part of my heart with you because it was torn away the day you died. Mom Katie Holly Christian Nicholas and I will forever keep you in our hearts and our love for you will remain for a life time. You were an inspiration to everyone you met.  Your legacy will live on for ever. Bud you are my HERO!

Hugs and kiss Nick "I will always love you!

Love Dad

How much has changed.....  / Holly Dams (sister)  Read >>
How much has changed.....  / Holly Dams (sister)
It'll be 3 years this coming much has changed since we lost you. I know that you are ok, and probably happier than you ever least that is what I hope and choose to believe. We still miss you every day and think of you every day. Life will never be the same...I know someday we'll understand, but sometimes it's so hard to see past all the pain and suffering everyone still goes through because u arent here. Just want you to know we will never forget u. We love you and miss you every single day Nick :) Close
Dear Nick and family  / Dan Cannizzo (old friend from school )  Read >>
Dear Nick and family  / Dan Cannizzo (old friend from school )
hey we played basketball togather for4 years grew up in school toghather saw echother everyday for years and now your gone:(
i just hope your  lookin down on us smilin with that cocky grin u always had.  i will always miss u nick u were a great guy may god bless your family in there time of need 

love you bro always* CANNNIZZZO Close
WOW / Eric Miller (Best Friend )  Read >>
WOW / Eric Miller (Best Friend )
Holy, where do i begin again? It has been along time since i have written on here. Definitely not the last time since we have spoken. A lot has happened in my life since i've been on here last. Im pretty much the same since you've been my buddy. My family is doing good, im doing good. i graduate college in May '08.  i dont know where i will be after that. Im sure i'll be doing something i enjoy. There still isnt a day that goes by that i dont think about how good of a friend you were to me. I love you Nick!! Please dont let me go forsaken! I struggle more and more as i grow! If I deserve validation be here and guide me! It seams as if better answeres lie beyond! LOVE Close
Happy Birthday  / The Gosselins: Perry, Karen &. Rebecca (Friends...)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / The Gosselins: Perry, Karen &. Rebecca (Friends...)
Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday in Heaven.........And wishing peace and comfort to your family...


Missing you  / Leslie Chiappetta (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you  / Leslie Chiappetta (Friend)

Thinking of you every day and will miss you always..!

Love you baby.  / Mom   Read >>
Love you baby.  / Mom
Ever has it been
that love knows not its own depth
until the hour of separation.
Kahlil Gibran

Merry Christmas  / Karen Gosselin (friend)  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Karen Gosselin (friend)
Merry Christmas......

Sending Christmas prayers and blessings to the Dams family.  May you all have a blessed holiday....

Happy Holidays  / Season Lechner   Read >>
Happy Holidays  / Season Lechner

Thinking of you this holiday season.  May you find peace and comfort in the many wonderful memories you have of Nick.  Everyone says that the holidays are especially hard, and for some that may be true, but I think that everyday is just as hard as the one before.  You are in my thoughts.  All my love and Happy Holidays!

Season Lechner

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