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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Nicholas Dams who was born in Wisconsin on June 08, 1985 and passed away on September 20, 2005 at the age of 20. Nick was on his way home from school and was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, when a car pulled out in front of him.  He hit the car head on.  We will remember him forever.
     As we all know, Nick was known for his contagious smile and very loving personality. Over the years, Nick grew into a wonderful young man. He worked two jobs and attended school. Nick was studying to become a police officer, just like his dad. He had many interests and hobbies. He enjoyed hanging out with friends, frisbee golfing, going to parties, and working on cars, just to name a few. Nick was the kind of person always willing to help or strike up a conversation with anyone. 
    Nick is survived by his mother, Joani, father, Robert,  sisters, Holly and Katie, and grandmothers, Marge and Esther. Some of his closest friends were Matt Earney, Eddie Oertel, Brian Nutting, Eric Miller, Kurt Kuzminski, Ian Holmes, and Tommy Adams. Although there are many more, there wouldn't be enough space to name them all! Nick was also survived by his girlfriend Janelle Porst of two years. 
    At Nick's funeral service there was an estimation of 2,200 people. The two lines ran out the doors on both sides of the funeral home. It's amazing to see how many people such a young kid could have an impact on. Nick is so dearly missed and will be remembered and loved by everyone.

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Nick's award   / DAD
Last Friday Nick won the “Hero of Hope Award.” It was awarded to him through me based on his everlasting inspiration to help all people because of Nick’s law and what he was killed for. It won’t bring Nick back but does leave ...  Continue >>
came upon nicks site   / Michelle Cox (none)
So sorry for your loss what a great lookin kid! Life changes in an instant keep his memory alive RIP nick
Happy Birthday Nick   / Mike T. (Friend)
Happy birthday Nick! I love you man wish you were here with us but I know you're in a better place.
The LOVE OF OF A Fathers SON, MY NICHOLAS   / DAD (Father)
My Dear Nicholas As everyday goes by I love you more and more. I also miss you more and more everyday. The pain of losing you gets worse by the day. You know you have a part of my heart with you because it was torn away the day you died. Mom Katie H...  Continue >>
How much has changed.....   / Holly Dams (sister)
It'll be 3 years this coming much has changed since we lost you. I know that you are ok, and probably happier than you ever least that is what I hope and choose to believe. We still miss you every day and think of you every ...  Continue >>
Dear Nick and family  / Dan Cannizzo (old friend from school )    Read >>
WOW / Eric Miller (Best Friend )    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / The Gosselins: Perry, Karen &. Rebecca (Friends...)    Read >>
Missing you  / Leslie Chiappetta (Friend)    Read >>
Love you baby.  / Mom     Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Karen Gosselin (friend)    Read >>
Happy Holidays  / Season Lechner     Read >>
Missin' you  / Chris Wojnar (Friend)    Read >>
We miss you  / Brittany Millard (Friend)    Read >>
so true...  / Mom     Read >>
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